Hello friends, I'm Raghvendra Singh. You can call me "Raghav". I don't like to publish myself. I believe in hard work as enough to achieve all things i want in my life.
I am a Software Engineer and want to be a top most result in google's search.

My Profession:

  I am a Software Engineer by profession and working as a Director in a limited company. I love my profession and my own ways to success.
I've done my Engineering in Computer Science & during my graduation, i made up many computer programs using several programming languages, so i have good programming skills. My graduation was awesome as i was so far from my home first time in  my life.

My Hobbies:

    Music is most important part of my life. I can spend my lonely time with music and sketching. I also like Bike Riding in rainy and pleasant season with my friends as long distance drive. I also like pass time creativity like-
       Computer Programming
       Repairing and Testing of computers
       Drawing and Painting
       Cooking with music
       Bike Riding
* This blog is also a part of my hobbies.

My Technical Skills:

    I am comfortable with C, C++, .net with C# and JAVA computer programming languages. I also like HTML tag designing and Computer Graphics programming.